Can I pay by Credit / Debit Card?

Yes. From the checkout screen you click the Make Payment button at the bottom of the page.
This brings you to the PayPal website where you can either:

  • Log into your PayPal account and pay for your purchase
  • Pay for your purchase using a credit / debit card

Why does PayPal not accept my Credit Card?

If your credit card is valid and you have not overstretched your limit, the reason why your credit card may not be accepted by PayPal is because you may already have it registered with a PayPal account.

PayPal security measures do not allow you to use a credit card that has been assigned to a PayPal account and therefor you must log into your PayPal account in order to complete your purchase.

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The 14 Day Manicure Team

14 comments on “Help

  1. vanessa on

    I ordered the starter kit but the lamps dont seem to dry my nails. I put them in like they should and put on the timer.
    but the result stays the same after trying 4 times.

    does any body has the same problem?


  2. Lisanne on

    I want to order the coulor Feisty, can you tell me when it’s available?

    Thanks for the answer in avance,


  3. Nienke on

    HI, I would like to order some more colours. But what is the difference between the gelish and normal colours? And I can’t add some
    of the colours to my chart. The only option is read more. Hope you can help
    me because I would like to order the french manicure colours.
    And where can I order the cleanser?

  4. Susan McCulloch on

    Hi, I purchased the 14 day manicure starter kit. You kindly put an offer in saying to go onto the site and get 50% off your colours, however everything is in Euro. Do you have a site where i can get the same offer but in pounds sterling?

    My first manicure just done with WHACK. Beautiful!

    Many thanks, Susan McCulloch.


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