Ensure that their are no oils on the nails before you start as this will interfere with the time you get out of the polish.  Cuticle work is crucial before you start.

Do NOT use Remover to clean the nail.  If you have a scrub fresh you can use this to clean the nail.

scrub hands with liquid soap and warm water

Do your cuticle work with the steel cuticle pusher provided.

Use the 7 way buffer provided and follow the 7 steps, starting at 1 and finishing on the 7th step.  The nail should be shining before you start if you have followed the 7 steps. (very important to follow step 4-7 (top of nail) as this gets rid of the cuticles!!!).  Cuticles contain oils which interfere with the time you get out of your nails.

Make sure nails are dry before you start and that the nail is clean from all dust from filing.  No creams or oils to be used after filing.

Use the 14 Day Manicure UV Lamp for best results

Before you start, Shake all bottles before applying.  The texture is thick and when you shake the bottle it should become much smoother.

If you have a primer you can use before you start.  There is no need to dry under lamp.  Primer is not essential.



Step 1. Apply a thin layer of UV Base Coat and Cure under 14 Day Manicure UV Lamp for 2 minutes (30 seconds with the LED lamp).

Step 2. Apply a thin layer 14 Day Manicure UV Colour Coat (x2).

Cure each coat under lamp for 2 minutes.

Step 3 (for French Polish only).

    • Apply the 14 Day Manicure UV Colour Coat (Full Monty) and cure under UV Lamp for 2 minutes.
    • Apply a thin coat of the UV White Colour Coat (Queen of Everything) to the tips of the nails and cure for 2 minutes.
    • Apply another thin layer of the UV Colour Coat (Beau) and cure for 2 minutes.
    • Continue with final steps.
    • Seal top of nail by lightly running the brush across the top of the nail.  

Step 4. Apply a thin layer of 14 Day Manicure UV Top Coat. Cure under UV Lamp for 2 minutes.

Step 5. Nails will still feel wet until you use Cleanser.  Remove this sticky layer with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser.


  1. Place hands in a bowl with remover for approx. 10 minutes. Polish will start to crumble.

  1. Gently slide off using a steel cuticle pusher.
  2. For easy removal from toes, soak a cotton ball in Remover and place on nail. Wrap nail in tin foil. Wait 10 minutes and gently slide off using a steel cuticle pusher.



1. After filing nails, do not use any other nail oil products.
2. remember to apply the color coat THINLY
3. labor intensity also will affect the lasting time. For example, if hands are usually used to wash or scratch things, that will decrease the lasting time adversely.
4. nature of the nails. Generally speaking, nail gel polish lasts longer on thicker and harder nails.