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Builder Gel 50g - White

Builder Gel 50g - White

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This Builder Gel bundle is made for the pros. Applied using a pro brush, its perfect for creating length, thickness or adding strength to your overlay or your own natural nail. You can also use with tips to create extensions and enhancements using your normal application process.Must be cured with a UV/LED lamp.

How To Use:

  1. Remove dead skin around the edge of nail with cuticle pusher
  2. File the nails with our 7 Way Nail File Buffer,dust off any residue and wipe with acetone remover
  3. Apply Base Coat and cure for 30 seconds under UV lamp
  4. Apply Builder Gel thinly using an application brush (not included) and cure under UV lamp for 99 seconds on the low heat setting
  5. Repeat step 5
  6. Shape the nails and dust off any residue
  7. Apply gel no wipe top coat and cure for 30 seconds to finish

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