How Do You Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home? A Step-By-Step Guide  | 14 Day Manicure

How Do You Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home? A Step-By-Step Guide | 14 Day Manicure

At 14 Day Mani, we understand the concern around how to remove gel nail polish at home. Continuously visiting nail salons, whilst exciting and relaxing, can be expensive and time-consuming, making 14 Day Mani the perfect solution for many. You may have watched your whizz of a nail tech removing your gel nails in the past and wondered what the hell was going on during the process, but we promise it’s not as daunting as you might think!

So, how do you remove gel nail polish at home? In this blog you will learn the best way to get gel nail polish off in as little as 7 steps, using non-harmful techniques, and 14 Day Mani’s professional-approved tools. So, you don’t even have to stress about purchasing anything extra, or your nail tech using a nail drill, making removing your gel nails completely hassle-free. Plus, we'll answer your question "What are the risks of removing gel polish at home", so you're kept in the know.


What do you need to successfully remove gel nail polish at home?

In order to safely and successfully remove gel nail polish at home, you're going to need a few trusty tools to aid your journey! Most of these fabulous products can be found in our bestselling Signature Gel Polish Starter Kit, and any remaining products can be found on our website!


1. Acetone Remover or Gel Polish Remover Wraps

Our Acetone Remover is used most frequently for removing gel polish. Alternatively, try our innovative and easy-to-use Gel Polish Remover Wraps that we specifically designed for this purpose. They eliminate the need for use of cotton buds and, they're a top pick among our nail professionals too!


2. Cotton Buds

You'll only need these to soak in the Acetone Remover, if you prefer this method.


3. Aluminium Foil (or Gel Polish Remover Wraps)

These are used to wrap each nail after applying Acetone Remover-soaked cotton. The foil or, Gel Polish Remover Wraps help to keep the acetone in contact with the gel polish, aiding in the removal process.


4. Nail File or Buffer

A gentle nail file like our 220/240 Moon Nail File or 7 Way Nail File Buffer is necessary to roughen the top layer of the gel polish, which speeds up the removal process.


5. Gel Removal Tool or Cuticle Pusher

Our incredible Gel Removal Tool is designed to remove gel polish with ultimate ease. Alternatively our Steel Cuticle Pusher is also very reliable for helping softened gel gently lift and be removed.


6. Cuticle Oil

Last, but not least, gel polish removal can be drying to your nails and cuticles, so having Cuticle Oil on hand (literally) is important to rehydrate your nails after the process.


Now let's get down to the good stuff...


Step 1: File down the glossy gala.

Begin your gel-removal by gently filing down the glossy top coat with your 14 Day Mani Nail File until all the gloss has been successfully removed.



Step 2: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Indulge your nails and cuticles in a shower of our hydrating Cuticle Oil, rejuvenating each nail to ensure they exude a natural radiance.



Step 3: Foil and Acetone: Let the magic happen.

Let your nails sit in the lap of luxury by soaking your foil wraps or cotton wool in Acetone Remover. Secure the wraps with tinfoil, creating a warming cocoon for your nails so that the gel melts right off.



Step 4: No time at all.

Leave your nails to soak for 15 minutes. PRO TIP: Wearing a plastic glove on top will generate heat and speed up the process. See, it really takes no time at all!



Step 5: Unveiling the magic.

Unwrap your nails and reach for our trusty Gel Removal Tool. Use the triangular side to delicately remove the remnants of your 14 Day Mani.



Step 6: Shape it up!

With your nails now completely gel-free, sculpt them into perfection and showcase your creativity because a well-shaped nail is a masterpiece in its own right.



Step 7: Rehydration station.

Lather on another application of Cuticle Oil as a refreshing sip for your nails after their gel removal. Now your nails are prepped and ready for the next fabulous set of gel, or a relaxing break!



As you grace the world with your gel-free, resplendent digits, remember: life is too short for uninspired nails. Revel in the journey from application to removal and never let the fear of take-off stop you from staying polished and perfected. 

Ps: Keep scrolling to discover our video on 'How to Safely Remove Gel Nail Polish' below.


Post-gel polish removal nail care.

Post-gel polish removal care is crucial to keep your nails healthy and looking fabulous. Here are some tips and tricks for giving your nails the royal treatment after the glitter party:

1. Hydrate Like You're in the Sahara

After the gel polish removal fiesta, your nails might be feeling a bit parched. Rehydrate them by applying our nourishing Cuticle Oil. Think of it as a spa day for your nails.


2. Skip the Buffet (for Now)

Give your nails a break from heavy-duty treatments immediately after removal. Avoid buffing or applying another round of polish right away. Let them breathe and recover.


3. Gentle is the New Black

Treat your nails delicately. Opt for gentle nail care practices, and steer clear of aggressive filing or trimming. 


4. Buff Up the Shine

If your nails are looking a bit dull post-removal, you can use our 7 Way Nail File Buffer to bring back some natural shine. Just don't go overboard—gentle strokes are the key.


5. Eat the Rainbow for Strong Nails

A healthy diet contributes to healthy nails. Make sure you're getting a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals, and particularly biotin, which is known to promote nail strength.


6. Keep 'Em Short and Sweet

Consider keeping your nails short for a while. Shorter nails are less prone to breakage, giving them a chance to regain their strength.

There you have it—your 14 Day Mani guide to post-gel polish removal pampering. Your nails are VIP's, so treat them like royalty!


Watch our video on How to Safely Remove Gel Nail Polish below:



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