The Best Gel Nail Trends for Your Summer Holiday 2024 | 14 Day Mani

The Best Gel Nail Trends for Your Summer Holiday 2024 | 14 Day Mani

Summer 2024 is here, and it's time to start thinking about your holiday nails! Whether you're planning a beach getaway, a city adventure, or a relaxing staycation, your nails are always the perfect accessory to your summer wardrobe. This season, we have some fabulous new trends that are sure to make your nails the talk of the town. So, get ready to be inspired and let’s dive into the hottest gel nail trends of Summer 2024.


1. Summer Jelly Nails

This is a 14 Day Mani FAVOURITE this summer; irresistibly cute Jelly Nails! Imagine your nails dipped in sheer rosy pink, creating a look that's reminiscent of delicious pink jelly. This trend is an evolution of the clean-girl 'Nonicure' and is all about transparency and softness, giving your nails a fresh, dewy appearance that's perfect for summer.

We loved this look so much that we created a shade that gives you instant Jelly Nails without having to use any other product or tool! With 'A Touch of Rose', & 'Hey Hun' your Jelly Nails will not only be adorable but also versatile, matching effortlessly with any outfit. 


('A Touch of Rose'


2. Feverish Red French Tips with Nail Art

Let's talk about our version of the Hailey Bieber inspired 'Feverish Red French Tips'. This trend takes the classic French manicure and gives it a spicy update with a vibrant red hue; 'Girlboss'. But that’s not all – we’re adding a playful twist with nail art featuring juicy fruits. Think tiny strawberries, cherries, (and watermelons if you prefer!) adorning your tips. It’s fun, flirty, and absolutely perfect for summer picnics and parties.



3. Chrome Nails for Summer

If you don't already, you’re going to adore the Chrome trend. Whilst it's been shimmering for a while, it's safe to say that the spotlight on chrome isn't dimming anytime soon, and is slowly becoming a classic. Given this, we decided to create an innovative way to give you chrome nails without needing messy chrome powders. Meet chrome-in-a-bottle! Our new chrome polishes makes it super easy to achieve that stunning metallic finish that reflects the summer sun so beautifully. 

If you want to achieve that 'donut nail', look no further than 'Glazed'. How about the famous Hailey Bieber (Nail trend queen) chrome nail? Try 'Wedding Day'. Or if you just LOVE chrome, check out our best-selling 'Chrome Polish Trio'.


 ('Wedding Day', & 'Glazed')


4. Pastel Perfection Nails for Summer

Now for an all-time classic: Pastel Nails. This summer, we're focusing on pastel pink and purple in block colours with unbeatable shades 'Cancelled', 'Lavender Haze', and 'Always the Bridesmaid'. These shades are soft, simple, sweet, and perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your holiday look. Whether you choose a single pastel shade or mix and match, you can’t go wrong with these dreamy colours. 


 ('Lavender Haze', 'Cancelled', & 'Always the Bridesmaid')


This summer is all about embracing fun, vibrant, and glamorous nails. From the sheer delight of Jelly Nails to the dazzling shine of Chrome, there’s a trend for everyone. So, why not try them all and see which one suits your summer vibe the best? 

Watch Our Jelly Nails Tutorial Here:

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