Valentine's Nail Trend: Bow-Kissed French Tips | 14 Day Manicure

Valentine's Nail Trend: Bow-Kissed French Tips | 14 Day Manicure

Love is in the air, and what better way to express your romantic spirit than with a dazzling set of nails that speaks the language of amour?

We're thrilled to present our latest Valentine's Day nail look, 'Bow-Kissed French Tips' a whimsical creation that combines the classic allure of a French manicure with a dash of coquettish charm. As we dive into the heart of the season of love, we're excited to guide you through the steps of achieving this enchanting nail art using our 'Flirty Foursome' gel polish kit, featuring a quartet of gel polish shades that are sure to set hearts aflutter, and more! Get ready to unleash your inner flirt and make a bold statement this Valentine's Day with nails that are as sweet and stylish as a love letter sealed with a kiss.


How To Get Bow-Kissed French Tips...


You will need:


Step 1 - Applying Flexi Gel Tips.

Take your 100/180 Square Nail File and shorten the length of your natural nail. Once at its shortest length, ensure to file lightly over the top of your nail so that the base coat of Builder Gel binds well.

100/180 14 day mani nail file filing natural nail length filing top of natural nail


Step 2.

Once you've chosen the correct size Flexi Gel Tips (we recommend 'Short Stiletto' or 'Medium Stiletto' for this look) to suit your nail beds, file them around the edges to your preference.

Filing Flexi Gel Tips


Step 3.

Apply a thin layer of Builder Gel to the natural nail and cure for 90 seconds under our Nail Drying Lamp.

Builder Gel Application to Natural Nail Nails Curing Under UV Nail Lamp


Step 4.

Take half a pea sized amount of Flexi Gel Tips Adhesive and apply to the frosted area of each extension tip, using our Dual-Ended Adhesive Picker & Brush to ensure that the adhesive is evenly applied. 

Applying flexi gel adhesive to extension tip


Step 5.

Apply each Flexi Gel Tip to your nails by pushing them gently against your cuticles at a 45 degree angle and then pressing them onto the nail bed, ensuring there are no air bubbles. Cure for 90 seconds.

Flexi Gel Tip Application


Step 6 - The Design.

Begin your Coquettish design with a base of 'Pastel Princess' Pink Builder Gel, and cure for 90 seconds.

Pastel Princess Pink Builder Gel Application to flexi gel tips


Step 7.

Apply the French Tip to each nail using our Nail Art Liner Brush dipped in shade 'Candlelight'. Cure for 90 seconds, add a layer of Clear Top Coat, and cure again for 30 seconds.

'Candlelight' application to nail with nail art liner brush


Step 8.

Once complete, it's time to start kissing those French tips with those flirty little bows! Using our Nail Art Liner Brush dipped in 'Satin Slipper', begin the bow design, then cure for 90 seconds.

Bow design with nail art liner brush

Step 9.

Complete the look by adding Gold Chrome Powder on top of the white bows, brush away any excess, and then add our Clear Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds.

Application of gold chrome powder to white bow design


Step 10.

Add some hydrating Cuticle Oil to each nail and now you're ready to flirt up a storm this Valentine's Day!

Cuticle oil application to nails


Watch the video tutorial here:

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