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Valentine's Day x Saltburn: Get Your 2024 Nail Inspiration | 14 Day Manicure

Get ready to slip into the seductive world of Saltburn this Valentine's Day. Where privilege and desire intertwine in a tale of infatuation crafted by the brilliant Emerald Fennell. As we bask in the charm of this movie, join us on a nail journey inspired by its gothic, aristocratic allure. Allow our Saltburn-vibe nail design whisk you on an experience you won't soon forget. Our 'Succulent Red Threesome' gel polish trio, that follows Saltburn's passionate and sultry narrative, promises to bring the film's essence to your fingertips. As we explore the shades 'Vampire,' 'Love At First Sight,' and 'Bamboozle,' you'll find yourself captivated by the allure of each colour, much like Oliver's attraction to the Catton's...

Read on to discover the steps to achieving this Saltburn nail look. From 'Vampire's' bold affair in bright red to the romantic intrigue of 'Love At First Sight' in wine red, and the enigmatic 'Bamboozle' love heart red riddle, this gel polish collection embodies the essence of Saltburn. So, buckle up as we guide you through this nail design that you'll find impossible not to love, just like Felix.


How To Get Our Saltburn Vibe Nails...


You will need:


Step 1.

After filing your nails to your desired shape, begin by applying your 14 Day Mani Base Coat layer to your nails.

14 Day Manicure Base Coat Layer Application


Step 2.

Take our shade 'Candlelight' and apply a thin layer as your sparkly base for the nail design.

'Candlelight' Gel Polish Application


Step 3.

Now for the heart-stopping design! Take your Silicone Dotting Nail Art Pen and use the round metal end to dip into our shade 'Love At First Sight', then add two small parallel dots towards the cuticle end of the nail.

Connect the dots to make a heart by taking your Nail Art Liner Brush, dipping it back into 'Love At First Sight' and create a 'V' shape from the outer and inner sides of the circles to complete the heart.

Two red dots on nail made with Nail Dotting Art Pen Two red lines connecting from red dots on nail Complete red heart applied to nail with Nail Art Liner Brush


Step 4.

Create the gold outline around the heart by using our Gold Gel Nail Art Liner Pen - 'Reeces Pieces'.

Gold Liner Pen - Reeces Pieces being applied to nail art design


Step 5.

Complete the design by going in with our final shade 'Flash Black', using the Nail Art Liner Brush again to create the black swirly lines that outline the heart and complete the Saltburn x Valentine's Day vibe.

Black line nail art applied to nail using nail art brush and shade 'flash black'


Step 6.

After curing your nails again under the lamp for 90 seconds, apply a layer of our 'Clear Top Coat' for that glossy finish. Cure again for 30 seconds.

Clear top coat being applied to nail design


Step 7.

Finally, apply some of our 'Cuticle Oil'. Now you're ready to rock this Valentine's Day with Saltburn-vibe nails!

Cuticle oil application


Watch our video tutorial here:


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