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What Is Miracle Gel Remover & How Do I Use It? | 14 Day Manicure

If you're anything like us, you're probably tired of spending too much time removing your gel mani when that time can be used for so many other important things...like your next fresh set of nails!

Luckily we can all now sigh in relief because we have the ultimate solution: Introducing our beloved Miracle Gel Remover, your new bestie when you want to quickly and effortlessly remove your gel mani, without having to go to the salon!


Can You Tell Me About The Miracle Gel Remover?

So, what exactly is the Miracle Gel Remover, and why is it causing such a buzz? Well, let us fill you in on the magic behind this game-changing product. Designed with busy, on-the-go individuals in mind, our Miracle Gel Remover is a fast-acting formula that's here to save you precious time and energy. No more tedious soaking or waiting around—simply apply, wait, and watch as the gel polish effortlessly lifts away, leaving your nails clean and ready for your next manicure masterpiece.


Why It's My New Must-Have?

Why should you choose our Miracle Gel Remover over other options on the market?

Aside from its incredible compactness, this remover is formulated to remove gel polish within minutes by simply brushing a layer of it on top and watching it melt away. Leave the days of harsh acetone behind, making it a gentler option for your fingers. Plus, its innovative gel formula ensures that it stays in place, allowing for targeted application and minimising mess. Say goodbye to dried-out cuticles and hello to a feel-good experience that leaves your nails looking and feeling their best.


How Do I Use Miracle Gel Remover?

Now that you're familiar with the Miracle Gel Remover's perks, let's dive into how to use it to achieve salon-quality results at home:


1. Prep Your Nails:

Start by gently buffing the top coat of gel off your nails with a nail file. This step helps the remover penetrate more effectively and ensures a smooth removal process.


2. Apply the Miracle Gel Remover:

Using the brush applicator, apply a generous layer of Miracle Gel Remover to each nail, ensuring full coverage. 


3. Wait for the Magic: 

Let the gel work its miracle for 5-8 minutes and relax or continue other tasks. During this time, the formula breaks down the gel polish, making it easy to remove.


4. Check and Repeat:

After 5-8 minutes, check to see if the gel polish has started to lift. If not, give it a bit more time. Leave the remover on for an additional 2-3 minutes, keeping an eye on the progress until the polish begins to lift away.


5. Gently Remove the Polish:

Once the gel polish has lifted, use a cuticle pusher or gel removal tool to gently ease it off your nails. Take your time and be gentle to avoid any damage.


6. Finishing Touches:

After removing the gel polish, give your nails a quick buff to smooth out any residue. Then, show them some love by applying our nourishing cuticle oil to hydrate and moisturise, leaving them looking and feeling their best.

With Miracle Gel Remover by your side, achieving salon-quality results at home has never been easier. So why wait? Give it a try and experience the miracle for yourself!


Watch our video tutorial here:

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