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What is Gentle Gels™?

Gentle Gels™ is HEMA-free, Easy on, Easy off system where your nails meet comfort and care. Designed to be fast and flawless to apply, as well as easy and effortless to remove whenever you want to switch your shades up, our new gel nail polish system is ideal for sensitive nails prone to irritation.

What are the benefits of Gentle Gels™ Nail Polish?

The Gentle Gels™ system offers many benefits that make it a standout choice for at-home nail application:

Trust In Us

  • Expert Curation: Developed with over 12 years of industry expertise by our founder, Suzanne, who has meticulously tested numerous formulations.

  • Rigorous Development: Over two years of product development to ensure the same glossy and flawless 14-day manicure results you love.

  • Sensitive Nail Care: Specially designed to cater to sensitive nails, ensuring your nails are in safe hands.

Nail Polish Allergy Minimisation

  • Irritation-Free: Hema-Free Gentle Gels Nail Polish minimise the risk of skin irritation, providing a worry-free nail routine.

  • Tailored for Sensitive Skin: Ideal for those who need extra TLC for their hands, offering a risk-free, at-home nail care solution.

  • Creative Freedom: Perfect for at-home use, allowing you to unleash your creativity and save on salon visits.

Flawless Finish

  • Comfort and Safety: Enjoy gorgeous nails from home with a high-shine, high-pigment formula that doesn’t compromise on comfort or safety.

  • Easy Removal: The new gentler formula is easier to remove, enabling more frequent shade changes.

  • Long-Lasting: Gentle Gels last up to 14 days on most nails and even longer on weak or brittle nails.

  • Versatile Options: HEMA-containing gel polishes are still available for professional use in salons and on our website pro section, catering to both novices and experts.

Who Should Use Gentle Gels™ Nail Polish?

Gentle Gels™ is most suitable to individuals who like saving their money on going to the nail salon in favour of doing their gel manis at home. With Gentle Gels™, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or expert at applying gel nails as they’re formulated for safe at-home use. If you are prone to irritation from gel products that contain HEMA, then Gentle Gels™ is precisely for you with our HEMA, TPO & TT-free formula. 

Ready to elevate your at-home nail game? The Gentle Gels™ At-Home Kits from 14 Day Mani offers everything you need to begin your journey towards salon-quality and more beautiful nails that truly last.