NEW Gentle Gels™ Collection

Say hello to a fearless nail routine with our low irritation Gentle Gels™ system. Expertly formulated without HEMA, TPO and TT, it is our latest solution for salon quality manicures from the comfort of your own home, tailored for irritation-prone and sensitive nails. Discover 83 limited edition shades to cater for every style and season.

Gentle Gels™ At-Home Kit

For the first time ever, shop NEW two-polish kit and choose your favourite 2 shades out of 83! Fancy more colour? Shop our bestselling four-polish kit and get creative.

Personalise your kit with chosen colours, plus receive all the essentials for that flawless manicure from home.

Enjoy salon quality manicures for the fraction of the price.

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Why The Gentle Gels™ System?

Trust In Us - Curated with much industry expertise and feedback, the collection is suitable for most sensitive nails.

Allergy Minimisation - Say goodbye to irritation worries with our HEMA-free formulation.

Flawless Finish - Gentle Gels™ Polish has a beautiful shiny finish. Indulge in salon quality from home, without compromising on comfort or safety.

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Gentle Gels™ How To Use - Video Tutorials

Gentle Gels™ FAQs

How long does a manicure using Gentle Gels™ last?

Our Gentle Gels™ Hema-Free polishes can last up to 2 weeks.

Do you have any tips or advice on how to make your HEMA-free manicure last longer?

Nail preparation is everything for a long-lasting mani. Ensure to follow the guidelines and make sure the nail bed is oil-free before applying product. The key to a long-lasting HEMA-free manicure is also following our Gentle Gels™ system – ensure you are using Gentle Gels™ Base & Top Coats and cure each layer for a full 60 seconds.

Does this new launch mean I should be worried about using HEMA products?

Not necessarily! Unless you have a confirmed allergy to HEMA, there's no immediate need to switch your entire line-up to HEMA-free products. If you are a trained nail technician, you can visit our PRO section on the website to find all your essentials.

Why should I choose Gentle Gels™ vs non Hema-Free?

Choosing Gentle Gels™ means going for a gentler touch in your at-home nail care routine. They're perfect for sensitive skin or anyone who prefers a gentler approach. With their milder formula, you get great looking nails without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Should I convert my whole system to Gentle Gels™?

For those looking for a gentler Hema-free option for at-home nail care, we recommend Gentle Gels™. If you are a professional and your client has no confirmed HEMA allergy, there is no need to convert your whole system to Gentle Gels™.

Why should I buy Gentle Gels™?

If you have a confirmed HEMA allergy, Gentle Gels™ is a perfect tested option to go for. We also have 83 new Gentle Gels™ colours that you might not be able to resist! If you have sensitive and brittle nails – Gentle Gels™ is the way to go.

How do I know Gentle Gels™ are for me?

If you have an allergy or sensitivity towards HEMA we recommend using our Gentle Gels™ collection.

Can I use Gentle Gels™ with non-HEMA-free products?

Our Gentle Gels™ polishes are designed to work as a system, meaning they should only be used with Gentle Gels™ HEMA-Free Base & Top Coats for optimal results. Mixing them with non-HEMA-free products could affect the performance and longevity of your manicure.

Are Gentle Gels™ suited to all customers?

Yes, Gentle Gels™ are suitable for all customers, specifically those who have a confirmed sensitivity or allergy to HEMA.

Should I prep the nails any differently when using GentleGels™ Collection?

Prepping your nails for Gentle Gels™ is no different to what you are used to with our other collections:

  1. Wash hands with warm water and liquid soap.
  2. Ensure nails are oil-free to maximise polish longevity.
  3. Prep cuticles using the Steel Cuticle Pusher and Cuticle Nipper.
  4. Buff nails with the 7-way buffer, following each step.
  5. Ensure nails are dry and free from dust before applying polish.

What's the difference between your Pro Gel polish and Gentle Gels™ polish?

The main difference between Pro Gel polish and Gentle Gels™ polish is that Gentle Gels™ do not contain HEMA and Pro collection does. It is advised that you follow our Pro Application Guides to obtain the best possible results.

Does your new Gentle Gels™ Collection still work with the same UV/LED lamp?

Yes, it does! Our new Gentle Gels™ Collection still works perfectly fine with the UV/LED lamp. Ensure to cure each layer for 60 seconds for best results.

What existing products from 14 Day Mani are compatible with the Gentle Gels™ Collection?

Gentle Gels™ is a NEW system, so it's essential to pair the Gentle Gels™ Collection with Gentle Gels™ Top and Base Coats for the best results. Gentle Gels™ shouldn't be mixed with Builder Gels. However, you can still use our popular Miracle Gel Remover alongside the Gentle Gels™ Collection.

Does the Hema-Free Top Coat have a shiny finish?

Yes! Enjoy a beautiful glossy finish with our NEW Gentle Gels™ HEMA- Free Top Coat.

What is the curing time?

With our HEMA-free Gentle Gels™ system the curing time is 60 seconds per layer.

Why has it taken so long for 14 Day Mani to launch a HEMA-free range?

Because we're all about quality and safety - we've been ensuring that we don’t compromise on anything, from colours to quality and wanted to keep the same level of excellence while making it safer for everyone. So, rest assured, we've put in the work to provide you with a nail care solution you can trust!