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Flexi Gel Tips - Medium Coffin

Flexi Gel Tips - Medium Coffin

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This new kid on the block, Jelly Tips are a fun alternative to acrylic nails. They come pre-buffed, are easy to use and long lasting. Choose from our different nail shapes and sizes for the perfect fit. They come clear, ready to paint on your favourite colour. Comes with 550 nails per box with 10x of each nail size.

Shape: Coffin Length: Medium

Application Guide:
1. Prep your nails before applying by lightly buffing the top of each nail and cutting back your nails.
2. Take a pea size amount of the adhesive and apply to the tip. Place tip onto natural nail ensuring there is no air bubbles. Place nails under a UV lamp under a low heat for 90 seconds.
3. Apply your favourite Gel Polish and dry under a UV lamp for 30 seconds.
4. Apply your No-Wipe Top Coat and dry under a UV lamp for 30 seconds.
5. Finish off with our Cuticle oil

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