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Foil Removal Wraps

Foil Removal Wraps

Revolutionise gel polish removal with our Foil Wraps – with pre-applied cotton wool for effortless, salon-quality results at home. Say goodbye to the mess and say hello to flawless nails. Just add acetone, wrap, wait 15 minutes and gel polish removes easily. We follow it up with our gel polish removal tool. Box has 100 wraps. Enough for 10 manicure removals.

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That's a wrap! 100 Individual foil wraps with cotton wool squares pre-attached. Just add acetone and these effective fuss-free foil wraps are a neat and speedy way to take off your gel polish.

How To Use?

Open the foil wrap, pour a few drops of acetone on to the cotton wool square until it's saturated. Place your nail inside, wrapping the foil around your finger.
Repeat the process for all your nails and leave the wraps on for 15 minutes.
Slide the wraps off and your gel polish should be crumbling away
Remove the remaining gel by gently pushing with a cuticle pusher or gel scraper tool.
Removing gel polish can dry the nails out, so make sure to hydrate your nails straight away with our Cuticle Oil.


If you need assistance or have any questions, don't hesitate to check out our FAQ's here.

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