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Flexi Gel Tips - Medium Stiletto

Flexi Gel Tips - Medium Stiletto

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This new kid on the block, Flexi Tips are a fun alternative to acrylic nails. Giving you instantly long and elegant nails in minutes, they come pre-buffed and shaped, ready to use! Choose from our different nail shapes and sizes for the perfect fit. They come clear, so you can paint on your favourite colour, either gel polish or normal polish. Comes with 550 nails per box with 10x of each nail size. ADHESIVE NOT INCLUDED. Please see our Flexi Tips Adhesive Bundle or Flexi Gel Starter Kit for more options.

Shape: Stiletto Length: Medium

Application Guide:

  1. Prep your nails by doing your cuticle work and lightly buffing the top of each nail to remove the shine.
  2. Apply a thin layer of clear Builder Gel polish, and cure under LED/UV lamp on the 99 second low heat setting
  3. Choose the nail tip sizes that are right for each nail and working one at a time, use the tip of a cuticle remover or nail brush, to take a pea size amount of the Flexi Tip Adhesive and apply it to the outlined Flexi Tip base.
  4. Starting at the the base, firming press the tip onto the natural nail, and ensure there are no air bubbles. Repeat this for each nail on one hand, wiping away any excess adhesive if needed.
  5. Place hand under our UV/LED lamp on the low heat 99 seconds setting. Repeat step 3-5 for the next hand.
  6. Paint your Flexi Tips with your favourite gel (cure for 30 seconds for each layer) or normal nail colour.
  7. Apply a gel or normal polish top coat.


  1. Using a nail clipper, cut down each nail to natural nail length
  2. Use a 100 grit nail file to buff natural nail polish
  3. Use our Removal Wraps OR soak cotton wool in acetone and secure it onto your nail with foil or our nail clips
  4. Wait for 10-15 minutes and remove the wrap or clip. Then, using a cuticle pusher gently lift the Jelly Tip from your nail bed.
  5. If there's any product remaining on the nail, re-buff and re-wrap the nail
  6. Once all the product is removed, wash hands and apply cuticle remover.

  • 14 Day Manicure Icon 1 Nail TipFree Mystery Gel Polish with orders over €50
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