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EMA Monomer - 250ml

EMA Monomer - 250ml

Elevate your nail artistry with our premium Acrylic Monomer. Specially formulated for professional use.

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Elevate your nail artistry with our premium Acrylic Monomer – An essential for flawless acrylic nail application. Specially formulated for professional use, this high-quality monomer is designed to work seamlessly with acrylic powders, enabling you to create stunning, durable extensions and intricate nail designs. What it Does: Our Acrylic Monomer serves as the catalyst in the acrylic nail application process, allowing you to sculpt and shape beautiful nail enhancements. Its advanced formula ensures optimal adhesion, strength, and clarity for long-lasting and resilient acrylic nails. Say goodbye to brittle nails and welcome the durability and flexibility that our Acrylic Monomer brings to your nail creations.

How To Use?

1. Begin with clean, dry nails. Ensure that the natural nails are properly prepped, shaped, and free of any oils or residues. 2. Pour a small amount of Acrylic Monomer into a nail dish. 3. Dip your acrylic brush into the monomer, allowing it to absorb the liquid. 4. Gently pick up the desired amount of acrylic powder with the wet brush, forming a small bead. 5. Apply the bead onto the nail surface, sculpting and shaping as desired. 6. Repeat the process for each nail, working efficiently to maintain consistency. 7. Allow the acrylic to dry and cure completely. 8. Once dry, file and shape the nails to perfection. 9. Finish with your preferred topcoat or nail polish for a polished and professional look.


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