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Poly Gel

Poly Gel

Sculpt, fills in and extends the nails.

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Meet Polly, a hybrid nail-enhancement formula that gives you the best parts of powder acrylics and gels.Use to sculpt, overlay, fill in, and extend the nails. Its super lightweight but extremely durable.


Poly Methyl, Methacrylate, CI 15850, CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 15985, CI 77019

How To Use?

1. Prepare the natural nail plate by pushing back your cuticles to assist in lifting any dead cuticle which has attached itself to the nail. This dead cuticle can also be trimmed away for a more clean and seamless finish at the end of your manicure (trim only if needed)
2. Apply a Primer as this will assist the product in adhering to the natural nails
3. Using a Dual Form tip, for each nail size, ensure that the tip has covered the natural nail from side wall to side wall. If the Dual Form is the same size of the natural nail, the gel may not cover the sides of the nail correctly, so perhaps use slightly bigger.
4. Apply your 14 Day Mani Base Coat and cure for 30 seconds 5. Squeeze a tiny amount (approximately pea size) of Polygel from the tube and use your spatula to cut the product and apply it to the top base of the Dual Form tip
6. Soak your brush into Slip Solution as this will assist you in moving and shaping the Polygel within the Dual Form tip
7. Begin to evenly spread the product in the form until you have reached your desired length and shape
8. Press on to the natural nail by placing the tip at the cuticle at a 45% angle and lowering; press firmly to avoid any air bubbles. You can perfect any imperfections on the underside of the nail by using the brush9. Cure under the 14 Day Mani lamp for 30-90 seconds, then remove the Dual Form from the nail
10. Shape the nail and apply your polish/ design of choice


If you need assistance or have any questions, don't hesitate to check out our FAQ's here.

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